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  1. And Let There Be No Sorrow; For Remember When The Sun Goes Down, It Returns With A Bright Tomorrow.  So, A Toast To The Past; A Toast To The Future...
  2. “A Little While And You Shall See Me No Longer; And Again A Little While And You Shall See Me Because I Go To The Father.” (John 16:16)
  3. “All Things To The Glory Of God”
  4. “Be Thou Faithful Unto Death, And I Will Give Thee The Crown Of Life” (John 2:10)
  5. “Behold The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World” (John 1:29)
  6. Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord Henceforth” (John 14:13)
  7. “Blessed Are The Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Mercy” (Matt 5:7)
  8. “Blessed Are The Pure At Heart, For They Shall See God” (Matt 5:8)
  9. “Come To Me, All You Who Labor And Are Burdened, And I Will Give You Rest” (Matt 11:28)
  10. “Come, Blessed Of My Father...” (Matt 25:34)
  11. “Death Is Only A Shadow Across The Path To Heaven.”
  12. “Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them” 
  13. “Father I Will That Where I Am, They Also Whom Thou Hast Given Me, May Be With Me” (John 17:24)
  14. “Father Not My Will But Thine Be Done” (Luke 8:52)
  15. “For To The End Christ Died And Rose Again, That He Might Be Lord Both Of The Dead And Of The Living.” (Romans 14:9)
  16. “God Is Love, And He Who Abides In Love Abides In God, And God In Him” (John 4:16)
  17. “Greater Love Than This No One Has, That One Lay Down His Life For His Friends” (John15:13)
  18. “Have Pity On Me, At Least, You, My Friends...””... Because The Hand Of The Lord Hath Touched Me.” (Job 19::25)
  19. “Her Fearless Buoyant Youth Will Always Live, Revealing Love And Truth And Radiant Joy.”
  20. “In Thy Sacred Heart, My Jesus, Hide Thou Me”
  21. “Into Thy Hands, I Commend My Spirit” (Luke 23:46)
  22. “Is Anyone Of You Sad? Let Him Pray” (James 5:13)
  23. “It Shall Be Well With Them That Fear God”  (Ecclesiates 8:12)
  24. “May The Peace Of God Which Surpasses All Understanding Guard Your Hearts And Your Minds In Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7)
  25. “Pray For One Another, That You May Be Saved” (James 5:16)
  26. “The Lord Gave, And The Lord Hath Taken Away, Blessed Be The Name Of  The Lord.”  (Job 1:21)
  27. Then The Just Will Shine Forever...”(Matt 13:43)
  28. “They Shall Not Grow Old As We That Are Left Grow Old”. (Binyon)
  29. “They Who Have Done Good Shall Come Forth Unto Resurrection Of Life”(John 5:29)
  30. “We Know That For Those Who Love God All Things Work Together Unto Good.” (Romans 8:28)
  31. A Beautiful Memory Lingers.
  32. A Beloved And Capable Wife And Mother.
  33. A Citizen Without Reproach, A Friend Without Pretense, A Philanthropist Without Display, A Christian Without Hypocrisy.
  34. A Day Of Duty Done, A Day Of Rest Begun.
  35. A Free Spirit.
  36. A Friend To Many And Sadly Missed.
  37. A Good And Kind Heart Is The Best Of All Qualities.
  38. A Happy Soul, That All The Way To Heaven Hath A Summer’s Day.
  39. A Lady Of Rare Understanding And Of Generous Heart.
  40. A Life Full Of Years With Understanding.
  41. A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon.
  42. A Life Of Beauty And Service.
  43. A Life Of Deeds, Not Of Years.
  44. A Life Of Giving Through Love, Thought And Deed.
  45. A Little Soul Takes Wings.
  46. A Loving Father, Tender And Kind, What A Beautiful Memory You Left Behind.
  47. A Loving Mother And A Faithful Friend.
  48. A Majestic Memory.
  49. A Man Must Stand Erect, Not Be Kept Erect By Others We Shared Their Wisdom And Abilities.
  50. A Man Of Virtue Kindness And Modesty.
  51. A Memory To Be Ever With Us.
  52. A Mother Is A Mother Still The Holiest Thing Alive.
  53. A Mother’s Love, Like An Imperishable Sun, Cannot Go Out.
  54. A Righteous Woman Remembered For A Blessing.
  55. A Song Is More Lasting Than The Voice Of The Birds.
  56. A Tender Heart And Generous Spirit.
  57. A Tender Mother A Faithful Friend.
  58. A Youth To Who Was Given So Much Of Earth So Much Of Heaven.
  59. Abide With Me.
  60. Abiding Love Never Dies.
  61. Abiding The Day When We Meet Again In That Infinity Of Time And Space Which Men Call Heaven.
  62. Absence Doth Join, And Time Doth Settle.
  63. Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit. (1 Cor 5:3)
  64. Ah Youth! Forever Dear, Forever Kind!
  65. All Hope Despair, That Stands Not On The Cross.
  66. All Things Are Possible To Him Who Believes.
  67. All Things Change, Creeds, And Philosophies And Outward Systems-But God Remains!
  68. All Things Change...But God Remains The Same.
  69. All Things To The Glory Of God.
  70. All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God. (Romans 8:28) 
  71. All Things Work Together Unto Good.
  72. All Things You Ask For In Prayer, Believing, You Shall Receive.
  73. Alone To Thee, Dear Lord, Can We Our Well-Beloved Resign.
  74. Along The Cool Sequestered Vale Of Life They Kept The Noiseless Tenor Of Their Way.
  75. Although She Sleeps, Her Memory Lives On.
  76. Always In Our Hearts..
  77. Always Kind And Willing.
  78. Always Loving Always Loved.
  79. An Angel Visited The Green Earth, And Took A Flower Away.
  80. An Inspiration To Us All.
  81. And A Little Child Shall Lead Them.
  82. And As The Evening Twilight Fades Away The Sky Is Filled With Stars, Invisible By Day.
  83. And Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest.
  84. And He Will Take You Up On Eagle’s Wings And Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand.
  85. And I Give Unto Them Eternal Rest.
  86. And I Will Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever.
  87. And I Will Give You Rest.
  88. And Now Cometh Eternal Rest And Blessed Tranquility.
  89. And So Make Life, Death And That Vast Forever One Grand Sweet Song.
  90. And They Wake Into The Light Whose Day Shall Never Die In Night.
  91. And What Doth The Lord Require Of Thee, But To Do Justly, And To Love Mercy, And To Walk Humbly With Thy God.
  92. And With The Morn Those Angel Faces Smile Which I Have Loved Long Since, And Lost Awhile.
  93. As A Family We Are Never Apart Loving Memories Keep You Alive In Our Hearts.
  94. As Long As Life And Memory Last I Shall Remember Thee.
  95. As The Bird Free Of Its Cage Seeks The Heights So Christian Soul In Death Flies Home To God.
  96. As We Trust The Sun Will Rise, So Trust We The Mystery Will Be Explained.
  97. Asleep In Christ Jesus.
  98. Asleep In Jesus, Blessed Sleep, From Which None Ever Wake To Weep.
  99. Asleep In Jesus, Blessed Thought.
  100. Asleep In Jesus.
  101. Asleep, Not Dead.
  102. At Rest With God.
  103. At Rest.
  104. At The Going Down Of The Sun And In The Morning We Will Remember Him.
  105. Awaiting The Touch Of A Little Hand, And The Smile Of A Little Face.
  106. Be Of Good Courage And He Shall Strengthen Thine Heart.
  107. Be Thou Faithful Unto Death, And I Will Give Thee The Crown Of Life. (John 11:10)
  108. Beautiful Isle Of  Memory Echoes Of The Past.
  109. Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty-That Is All Ye Know On Earth, And All Ye Need To Know.
  110. Behind The Dim Unknown, Standeth God Within The Shadow, Keeping Watch Above His Own.
  111. Believe On Him To Life Everlasting. (I Timothy 1:16)
  112. Beloved (Name), Inspiration And Companion.
  113. Beloved And Dear In Life...In Death They Are Not Divided.
  114. Beloved By All Who Knew Him.
  115. Beloved By God And Man.
  116. Beloved In Life.
  117. Beloved Mother, Your Orb Will Rise A Beautiful Star In Paradise.
  118. Beloved Mother/Father.... Our Guide And Counselor.
  119. Beloved Of The Lord.
  120. Beloved One, Farewell.
  121. Beloved Soul Of Great Pride And Dignity.
  122. Beyond Is The Infinite Morning Of A Day Without A Tomorrow.
  123. Beyond This Vale Of Tears There Is A Life Above, Unmeasured By The Flight Of Years; And All That Life Is Love.
  124. Blessed  Is The Man That Maketh The Lord His Trust. (Psalms 40:4)
  125. Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord. (Rev 14:13)
  126. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God. (Matthew 5:8) 
  127. Blessed Are They That Mourn: For They Shall Be Comforted. (Matthew 5:4) 
  128. Blessed Be The Holy Trinity And Undivided Unity.
  129. Blessed Is The Man Who Maketh The Lord His Trust. (Psalms 40:4) 
  130. Blessed Sleep To Which We All Return.
  131. Blessed To Us Is The Memory Of Your Unselfish Love.
  132. Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven.
  133. Build On And Make Thy Castles High And Fair, Rising And Reaching Upward To The Skies 
  134. But In The Night Of Death Hope Sees A Star, And Listening Love Can Hear The Rustle Of A Wing.
  135. But Many That Are First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First. (Matt 19:30)
  136. But O For The Touch Of A Vanished Hand And The Sound Of A Voice That Is Still.
  137. But On Heavy Change, Now Thou Art Gone, Now Thou Art Gone And Never Must Return.
  138. But Still I Dream That Somewhere There Must Be The Spirit Of A Child That Waits For Me.
  139. But, In The Night Of Death, Hope Sees A Star, And Listening Love Can Hear The Rustle Of A Wing.
  140. But, Look, The Morn, In Russet Mantle Clad, Walks O’er The Dew Of Yon High Eastward Hill.
  141. By Cloudless Starlight On He Treads, And Thinks No Lamp So Cheering As The Light Which Heaven Sheds. (Moore)
  142. Call Back Yesterday, Bid Time Return!
  143. Called By One Who Loves Him/Her Dearly.
  144. Calm On The Bosom Of Thy God, Fair Spirit, Rest Thee Now.
  145. Calm On The Listening Ear Of Night Come Heaven’s Melodious Strains.
  146. Children Are The Heritage Of The Lord.
  147. Children Are The Keys Of Paradise.
  148. Children Bring Their Own Love With Them When They Come.
  149. Christ Is My Hope.
  150. Come Lord From The Skies And Command Us To Rise To The Mansions Of Glory Above.
  151. Come To Me, All You Who Labor And Are Burdened...And I Will Give You Rest.
  152. Come Unto Me, All Ye That Labor And Are Heavy Laden. (Matthew 11:28) 
  153. Come Ye Blessed Of My Father.
  154. Conceived By The Love Of Two Died With The Love Of Many.
  155. Dear Lord Jesus, Please Hold My Hand.
  156. Death If Only A Horizon, A Horizon Is Nothing Save The Limit Of Our Sight.
  157. Death Is Not A Foe, But An Inevitable Adventure.
  158. Death Is Only A Shadow Across The Path To Heaven.
  159. Death Is The Golden Key That Opens The Palace Of Eternity.
  160. Death Is The Port Where All May Refuge Find, The End Of  Labor, Entry Into Rest.
  161. Death Only Binds Us Close To The Bright Shore Of Love.
  162. Death’s But A Path To Be Trod If Man Would Ever Pass To God.
  163. Death’s Truer Name Is “Onward,” No Discordance The Roll And March Of That Eternal Harmony Where To The World Beats Time.
  164. Delight In Love While Time Is Still Yours.
  165. Deposited Upon The Silent Shots Of Memory Images And Precious Thoughts That Shall Not Die, And Cannot Be Destroyed.
  166. Down The Fair-Chambered Corridor Of Years The Quiet Shutting One By One, Of Doors.
  167. Down They Go The Tender, The Beautiful, The Kind.
  168. Dust Thou Art, To Dust Returnest, Was Not Spoken Of The Soul.
  169. Duty, Honor, Country, Well Done, Be Thou At Peace.
  170. Each Duty Done They Rest In Peace.
  171. Each Lonely Scene Shall Thee Restore.
  172. Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal.
  173. Entered Into Rest.
  174. Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord.
  175. Eternity, Be Thou My Refuge!
  176. Evening Trails Her Robes Of Gold Through The Dim Hall Of Night.
  177. Ever Kind And True.
  178. Ever Remembered, Ever Loved.
  179. Everlasting Life Through Christ.
  180. Everlasting Shall Be Thy Remembrance.
  181. Every Man’s Life Is A Plan Of God.
  182. Everyone Who Acknowledges Me Before Men, I Will Acknowledge Him Before My Father In Heaven.
  183. Every time I Pass This Church, I Pay A Little Visit!  So When At Last, I’m Carried In The Lord Won’t Say, “Who Is It?”
  184. Eye Hath Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard Neither Have Entered Into The Heart Of Man The Things Which God Hath Prepared For Them That Love Him.
  185. Faith Builds A Bridge Across The Gulf Of Death.
  186. Faith Is The Substance Of Things To Be Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things That Are Not Seen.
  187. Faith Points To Hope Above The Skies, Where Virtuous Friendship Never Dies.
  188. Faithful And Of Good Understanding.
  189. Faithful To Her Trust, Even Unto Death.
  190. Far Away There In The Sunshine Are My Highest Aspirations.
  191. Father In Thy Gracious Keeping Leave Me Now Thy Servant Sleeping.
  192. Father, I Will That Where I Am, They Also Whom Thou Hast Given Me, May Be With Me. (John 17:24)
  193. Father, Mother, Weep Not For Me, For I Am In Glory, Waiting For Thee.
  194. Father, Not My Will But Thine Be Done. (Luke 22:42)
  195. Flowers Of All Hue, And Without Thorn The Rose.
  196. Fond Memories Linger Everyday, Remembrance Keeps You Near.
  197. Fondly Loved And Deeply Mourned.
  198. For All The Boundless Universe Is Life-There Are No Dead.
  199. For Every Joy That Passes, Something Beautiful Remains; Your Precious Memory Shall Always Be Alive In My Heart.
  200. For Glory Lights The Soldier’s Tomb, And Beauty Weeps The Brave.
  201. For Love Will Still Be Lord Of All.
  202. For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven. (Matthew 19:14) 
  203. For They Conquer Who Believe They Can.
  204. For To This End Christ Died And Rose Again, That He Might Be Lord Both Of The Dead And Of The Living.
  205. For With Thee Is The Fountain Of Life: In The Light Shall We See Light. (Psalms 36:9) 
  206. Forever At Peace.
  207. Forever In Our Hearts.
  208. Forever Singing As They Shine The Hand That Made Us Is Divine.
  209. Forever With The Lord.
  210. From The Gloom Of Darkness Comes Morning’s Glow.
  211. Generous Of Heart, Constant In Faith.
  212. Generous Of Spirit And A Friend To Many.
  213. Gentle Jesus, Meek And Mild, Look Upon This Little Child.
  214. Gentle Of Heart...Faithful And Just.
  215. Give Sorrow Words; The Grief That Does Not Speak Whispers The O’er Fraught Heart And Bids It Break.
  216. Give Unto Them Beauty For Ashes, The Oil Of Joy For Mourning, The Garment Of Praise For The Spirit Of Heaviness.
  217. Glory Be To The Father And To The Son And To The Holy Spirit, As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now, And Ever Shall Be, World Without End.
  218. Go Lovely Rose That Lived Its Little Hour.
  219. Go, Therefore, And Make Disciples Of All Nations, Baptizing Them In The Name Of The Father And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit.
  220. God Called Her From Among Us To A Home Of Eternal Rest.
  221. God Could Not Have Made Earthly Ties So Strong To Break Them In Eternity.
  222. God Created Man To Be Immortal, And Made Him To Be An Image Of His Own Eternity. (Solomon 2:23)
  223. God Gives Us Love. Someone To Love He Lends Us.
  224. God Giveth, God Taketh Away.
  225. God Is And All Is Well.
  226. God Is Love, And He Who Abides In Love, Abides In God, And God In Him. (John 4:16)
  227. God Is Our Refuge And Strength.
  228. God Took Her Home, It Was His Will But In Our Hearts She Liveth Still.
  229. God Would Not Weave A Chain, To Break Its Links So Soon.
  230. God, From A Beautiful Necessity, Is Love.
  231. God, Too, Must Have Loved Him Much.
  232. God’s Garden Has Need Of Our Little Flower.
  233. God’s Greatest Gift Returned To God.
  234. God’s Greatest Gift To A Little Child, My Darling Mother, Was You.
  235. God’s Will Is Law And All Is Well.
  236. Gone But Not Forgotten.
  237. Gone From Home But Not From Our Hearts .
  238. Goodnight, Good Sleep, Good Rest From Sorrow.
  239. Grace Was In All Her Steps, Heaven In Her Eye, In Every Gesture Dignity And Love.
  240. Great Is Thy Faith; Let It Be Done To Thee As Thou Wilt.
  241. Great Loves Live On.
  242. Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends. (John 15:13) 
  243. Guide Us On The Long Dim Trail Ahead That Stretches Upward To The Great Divide.
  244. Hasten, Oh Blessed Hour Of Reunion!
  245. He Careth For You.
  246. He Died As He Lived, Trusting God.
  247. He Freely Gave Of Himself To Anyone Who Needed His Advice Or Help.  Never Looking For Anything In Return Other Than The Satisfaction Of Helping Someone.
  248. He Gave His Heart To His Family.
  249. He Gave Thee, He Took Thee, And He Will Restore Thee.
  250. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep.
  251. He Graced His Family With Acts Of Loving Kindness.
  252. He Graced His Years With Courage, Strength And Truth.
  253. He Had A Kindly Word For Each And Died Beloved By All.
  254. He Had So Many Things He Wanted To Do, But Had So Little Time To Finish…
  255. He Has Achieved Success Who Has Lived Well, Laughed Often, And Loved Much.
  256. He Has Outsoared The Shadows Of Our Night.
  257. He Hath Awakened From The Dream Of Life.
  258. He Held His Ground With Steadfast Soul.
  259. He Is Immortal Because He Has A Soul.  A Spirit Capable Of Compassion And Sacrifice And Endurance.
  260. He Is Not Dead, But Sleepeth. (Luke 8:52)
  261. He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters.
  262. He Lived Justly, Loved Mercy And Walked Humbly With His God.
  263. He Lives With Us In Memory And Will For Evermore.
  264. He Longest Lives Who Most To Others Gives, Himself Forgetting. 
  265. He Loved His Fellow Man.
  266. He Loved The Stars Too Fondly To Be Fearful Of The Night.
  267. He Respected God, Loved His Family, And Had Many Friends.
  268. He Saw Beauty And Painted It With A Master’s Hand.
  269. He Sawed Logs For Forty Years But He Won’t Saw This One.
  270. He Served God Well.
  271. He Shall Gather The Lambs Within His Arms.
  272. He Shall Receive In The World To Come Eternal Life. (Mark 10:30) 
  273. He That Believeth In The Son Hath Everlasting Life. (John 3:16) 
  274. He That Endureth To The End Shall Be Saved. (Matthew 10:22) 
  275. He Touched Everyone With Special Love & Kindness.
  276. He Touched The Lives Of Many.
  277. He Was A Faithful Man And Feared God.
  278. He Was Beloved In Life.
  279. He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home.
  280. He Who Hears My Word And Believes Him Who Sent Me Has Life Everlasting, And Has Passed From Death To Life.
  281. He Will Be Remembered For His Kindness.
  282. Healing In His Hands And Humanity In His Heart.
  283. Hear And Bless Thy Beast And Singing Birds. Guard With Tenderness Small Things That Have No Words.
  284. Hear, Oh Hear My Prayer Father Bless Our Precious Child.
  285. Heard Melodies Are Sweet, But Those Unheard Are Sweeter.
  286. Heaven Means To Be With God.
  287. Heaven...The Treasury Of Everlasting Joy.
  288. Heaven’s Eternal Year Is Thine.
  289. Her Dedication, Thoughtfulness And Generosity Will Ever Be Remembered.
  290. Her Deeds Will Never Be Forgotten.
  291. Her Friends Were Her World.
  292. Her Greatest Joy Was In Making Others Happy.
  293. Her Joy Was In Kindness And Humility.
  294. Her Life Made Charity As Real As Hope Itself.
  295. Her Love Sounded All Depths, Measured All Heights.
  296. Her Memory Is Blessed.
  297. Her Memory Is Enshrined In Our Hearts.
  298. Her Song Has Ended But The Melody Lingers On.
  299. Her Star Shines In Heaven
  300. Her Words Were Kindness, Her Deeds Were Love.
  301. Here He Lies Where He Longed To Be; Home Is The Sailor, Home From The Sea, And The Hunter Home From The Hill.
  302. Here I Lay My Burden Down, Change Thy Cross Into A Crown.
  303. Here Lies A Father Of 29: There Would Have Been More But He Didn’t Have Time.
  304. Here Lies A Mother Of 28: But Now It’s Too Late.
  305. Heroes Live Beyond The Tomb.
  306. Him Who Is Dead And Gone, Honor With Remembrance Not With Tears.
  307. His Courage, His Smile, His Grace Gladdened The Hearts Of Those Who Have The Privilege Of Loving Him.
  308. His Daily Prayer, Far Better Understood In Acts Than Words, Was Simply Doing Good.
  309. His Family Was His World.
  310. His Friendship Was An Inspiration, His Love A Blessing.
  311. His Joy Was In Kindness And Humility.
  312. His Life Made Charity As Real As Hope Itself.
  313. His Life Never Touched Another, Except That Life Was Helped.
  314. His Life Was Close-Knit Strands Of An Unbroken Thread Of Love.
  315. His Life Was Gentle; And The Elements So Mixed In Him That Nature Might Stand Up And Say To All The World, This Was A Man.
  316. His Mission On Earth Fulfilled.
  317. His Modesty And Devotion Are Remembered.
  318. His Presence Lent A Radiance So Sublime No Sense Of Death Can Dim-Or Time.
  319. His Time’s Forever, Everywhere His Place.
  320. His Was A Man’s Courage.
  321. Home Is The Fisherman, Home From The Lake.
  322. Home Is The Hunter, Home From The Hill.
  323. Home With God, Which Is Far Better The World’s Loss Was Heaven’s Gain When God Took You Home.
  324. Honest In His Ways, Trusted In Word, Beloved By Friends.
  325. Hope Sees A Light And Listening, Faith Can Hear The Murmuring On The Shore.
  326. Hopeful Hearts Will Find Forever Roses Underneath The Snow.
  327. How Blest Are They Who From Their Labors Rest.
  328. How Much Of Hope, How Much Of Joy, Is Buried With Our Darling Boy.
  329. How Sleep The Brave, Who Sink To Rest By All Their Country’s Wishes Blest!
  330. Humble Love, And Not Proud Science, Keeps The Door Of Heaven.
  331. Hush, My Dear, Be Still And Slumber; Jolly Angels Guard Your Bed.
  332. I Am Going The Way Of The Earth. (Joshua 23:14)
  333. I Am Not Afraid Of Tomorrow For I Have Seen Yesterday And I Love Today.
  334. I Am The Resurrection And The Life Whoever Liveth And Believeth In Me Shall Never Die. (John 11:25)
  335. I Am The Way The Truth And The Life. (John 14:6)
  336. I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept The Faith. (I. Tim I:7)
  337. I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly, To Be Ever Fearful Of The Night.
  338. I Leave You Peace, My Peace I Give You.
  339. I Rejoice In Thy Salvation. (I Samuel 2:1)
  340. I Send An Angel Before Thee.
  341. I Shall But Love Thee Better After Death.
  342. I Shall Remember While The Light Lives Yet, And In The Night Time I Shall Not Forget.
  343. I Thank My God Upon Every Remembrance Of You. (Philippians 1:3) 
  344. I Will Both Lay Me Down In Peace, And Sleep; For Thou,  Lord, Only Makest Me Dwell In Safety.
  345. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills I Will Not Leave You Comfortless: I Will Come To You.
  346. I’d Rather Be A Doorkeeper In The House Of My God Than Dwell In The Tents Of Wickedness.
  347. I’ll Hold You In My Heart Until I Can Hold You In My Arms.
  348. If God Hath Made This World So Fair, Where Sin And Death Abound, How Beautiful, Beyond Compare, Will Paradise Be Found!
  349. If I Were To Begin Life Again, I Should Want It As It Was.  I Would Only Open My Eyes A Little More.
  350. Immortality Is The Word That Through The Ages Hope Has Been Whispering To Love.
  351. In Every Pang That Rends The Heart The Man Of Sorrows Has A Part.
  352. In God We Have Put Our Trust.
  353. In God’s Will Is (Name)’S Peace.
  354. In Him Was Life And The Life Was The Light Of Men.
  355. In His Will Is Our Peace.
  356. In Loving Memory.
  357. In Memory You Are With Us As You Always Were Before.
  358. In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions.
  359. In Nearer Presence Of God.
  360. In Our Hearts We Keep Sweet Memories.
  361. In Our Hearts Your Memory Lingers, Sweetly, Tender, Fond And True.
  362. In Perfect Peace.
  363. In Silence We Remember.
  364. In The Cross Of Christ I Glory.
  365. In The Morning Of His Day In Youth And Love He Passed Away.
  366. In The Name Of The Father And Of The Son And Of The Holy Ghost.
  367. In The Presence Of Trouble, Some People Grow Wings; Others Buy Crutches.
  368. In Thee O Lord, Have I Put My Trust.
  369. In Thy Sacred Heart, My Jesus, Hide Thou Me.
  370. In Whom Lived Always Kindness, Loyalty And Understanding.
  371. In Whom Lived Always Love Of Family, Understanding & A Kind Heart.
  372. Infinite Day Excludes The Night.
  373. Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit. (Luke 23:46)
  374. It Broke Our Hearts To Lose You, But You Didn’t Go Alone For Part Of Us Went With You The Day God Called You Home.
  375. It Is I; Be Not Afraid. (Matt. 14:27)
  376. It Is The Solitude That The Works Of Hand, Heart And Mind Are Always Conceived, And In Solitude That Individuality Must Be Affirmed. 
  377. It Shall Be Well With Them That Fear God.
  378. It Shall Not Be The Night With Us When With You It Is The Dawn.
  379. It’s Hard To Look Back On Any Gain In Life That Does Not Have A Loss Attached To It.
  380. Jesus Called A Little Child Unto Him.
  381. Joy, Joy Forever!-My Task Is Done-The Gates Are Pass’d, And Heaven Is Won.
  382. Just A Song At Twilight When Lights Are Low.
  383. Just Neighborly Folk.
  384. Kind, Loving, And Faithful.
  385. Kindness And Gentleness Were Your Strength.
  386. Kindness Is Always Remembered.
  387. Kindness, Strength And Courage Were His Badge.
  388. Kindness, Their Greatest Virtue.
  389. Knowing That Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her.
  390. Laughed Often And Loved Much.
  391. Lay Up For Yourselves Treasures In Heaven. (Matt. 6:20)
  392. Lead Kindly Light, Amid The Encircling Gloom, Lead Thou Me On!
  393. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: Ye Believe In God, Believe Also In Me. (John 14:1) 
  394. Let Our Father’s Will Be Done.
  395. Let The Child Rest In Hope And Rise In Glory.
  396. Let The Little Children Come To Me And Do Not Hinder Them For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.
  397. Let Us Glide Down Thy Stream Gently.
  398. Life Is A Jest, And All Things Show It; I Thought So Once, But Now I Know It.
  399. Life Is But A Day At Most, Sprung From Night.
  400. Life Is Ever Lord Of Death And Love Can Never Lose Its Own.
  401. Life Is Ever Lord Of Death Love Can Never Lose Its Way.
  402. Life Is God And God Is Life.
  403. Life Is Limited, But The Love Between Us Is Eternal.  Everything We Are And Will Be Is Because Of Your Love. We Love You Pa.
  404. Life Is Not Forever. Love Is.
  405. Life Is The Rose’s Hope While Yet Unblown.
  406. Life Of  Beauty, Goodness And Love.
  407. Life’s A Voyage That’s Homeward Bound.
  408. Life’s Race Well Run, Life’s Work Well Done, Life’s Victory  Won.
  409. Life’s Work Well Done.
  410. Light After Darkness, Gain After Loss, Strength After Weakness, Crown After Cross.
  411. Little Boy Blue Has Gone Away.
  412. Lived His Years With Grace, Charm And Spirit.
  413. Lived With Fortitude And Zest For Life.
  414. Lo, I Am With You Always, Even Unto The End Of The World. (Matt 28:20)
  415. Look Not Here For What We Have Done, Look All Around You.
  416. Look Up To Realms Of Light And Song Where No One Says Farewell.
  417. Lord God Of Hosts, Be With Us Yet Lest We Forget-Lest We Forget.
  418. Lord I Put My Trust In Your Hands.
  419. Lord We Give You Our Littlest Angel.
  420. Lord, God Of Hosts, Be With Us Yet Lest We Forget.
  421. Lord, Have Mercy On Us.
  422. Lord, I Am With You Always, Even Unto The End Of The World.
  423. Lord, Thank You For A Beautiful Life.
  424. Love Divine, All Love Excelling, Joy Of Heaven To Earth  Come Down.
  425. Love Forever True.
  426. Love From Here To Eternity.
  427. Love Is Eternal.
  428. Love Is Indestructible Its Holy Flame Forever Burneth.
  429. Love Is Life, And Death At Last Crowns It Eternal And Divine.
  430. Love Is Love Forever More.
  431. Love Is Not Love That Alters With The Flight Of Time, Love Is Enduring, Changeless, Constant And Divine.
  432. Love Is The Only Bow On Life’s Dark Cloud.
  433. Love Leads To Preset Rapture-Then To Pain; But All Through Love In Time Is Healed Again.
  434. Love Light Thy Way To That Far Distant Shore.
  435. Love Makes Memory Eternal.
  436. Love Never Ends.
  437. Love’s Greatest Gift-Remembrance.
  438. Loveliest Of Lovely Things Are They On Earth That Soonest Pass Away, The Rose That Lives It’s Little Hour Is Prized Beyond The Sculpted Flower.
  439. Lovely Pictures Still Shall Bloom Upon The Walls Of Memory’s Room.
  440. Loving Memories Last Forever.
  441. May God Be With You And Comfort You.
  442. May God Grant You Eternal Rest, Dear Mother.
  443. May He Be Remembered As He Remembered Others.
  444. May His/Her Soul Rest In Peace.
  445. May The Angels Carry Our Prayer For You Before The Throne Of God.
  446. May The Peace Of God Which Surpasses All Understanding Guard Your Hearts And Your Minds In Christ Jesus.
  447. May The Peace Of The Lord Be With You May They Rest In Peace.
  448. May The Souls Of The Faithful Departed Through The Mercy Of God Rest In Peace.
  449. May The Waters Of Hope, Keep Her Grave Ever Green.
  450. May Your Soul Be Bound Up In The Bond Of Life Eternal.
  451. Memories Guide The Hand Of Love.
  452. Memory Is The Light Of Yesterday Casting Its Rays Today.
  453. Memory Kneels With Voiceless Sorrow To Weep Above The Grave Of Beautiful Sorrow.
  454. Memory! The Very Word Is Like A Bell, To Toll Us Back To You.
  455. Mercy To Him That Shows It, Is The Rule.
  456. Modest And Gentle Of Heart.
  457. Modest, Upright, Devout An Inspiration To His Family.
  458. Mother Is The Name For God In The Lips And Hearts Of Little Children.
  459. Music Is Love In Search Of A Word.
  460. Music, When Soft Voices Die, Vibrates In The Memory.
  461. Mutual Love, The Crown Of All Our Bliss.
  462. My Beloved Husband/Wife, Sadly Missed.
  463. My Jesus Mercy.
  464. My Lord, Have Mercy On Us.
  465. My Love Is With You Everywhere You Cannot Pass Beyond My Prayer.
  466. My Pal On Earth, God’s Angel In Heaven.
  467. My Presence Shall Go With Thee, And I Will Give Thee Rest.
  468. My Trust Is In God.
  469. Mystery Of Life And Death Bow Down- To The Mystery Of Hope.
  470. Nature Is The Art Of God Eternal
  471. Nature’s Loving Proxy, The Watchful Mother. 
  472. Nearer My God To Thee.
  473. Never Does Nature Say One Thing And Wisdom Another.
  474. Never Will Your Memory Fade.
  475. Never Yet A Springtime When The Buds Forgot To Bloom.
  476. Night Cannot Darken The Sunlight Of His Memory.
  477. Night Shall Fold Her In Soft Wings.
  478. No Jewel Is As Perfect As The Innocence Of Childhood.
  479. No Longer Let Life Divide What Death Can Join Together.
  480. No Man Is Indispensable But Some Are Irreplaceable.
  481. No Night Can Darken The Sunlight Of Her Memory.
  482. No One Says Farewell.
  483. None Knew Thee But To Love Thee.
  484. Nor Shall Your Story Be Forgot While Fame Her Record Keeps, Or Honor Points The Hallowed Spot Where Valor Proudly Sleeps.
  485. Nor Sink Those Stars In Empty Night: They Hide Themselves In Heaven’s Own Light.
  486. Not Fair My Boy This Theft Now Done To Rest Forever For A Race Unrun.
  487. Not Goodbye, While Memory Reigns.
  488. Not Lost To Memory! Not Lost To Love! But Gone To Our Father’s House Above. 
  489. Not My Will, But Thine Be Done. (Luke 22:42) 
  490. Nothing Can Ever Take Away The Love A Heart Holds Dear.
  491. Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream.
  492. Nothing Now Is Left But A Majestic Memory.
  493. Now Comes Still Evening, With Twilight Gray.
  494. Now Mend A Broken Heart, Goodnight Sweet Prince (Princess) And May Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest.
  495. Now The Laborer’s Task Is O’er; Now The Battle Day Is Past; Now Upon The Farther Shore Stands The Voyager At Last.
  496. Now Twilight Lets Her Curtain Down And Pins It With A Star.
  497. Of Generous Heart...And Of Beautiful Spirit.
  498. Of Rare Understanding And Fortitude.
  499. Of Spirit And A Friend To Many.
  500. Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.
  501. Of Tender Heart And Generous Spirit.
  502. Oh How Beautiful Was Life To Me.
  503. Oh Never Star Was Lost Here But It Rose Afar.
  504. Oh, For Boyhood’s Time Of  June Crowding Years Into One Brief Moon.
  505. On Fame’s Eternal Camping-Ground Their Silent Tents Are Spread, And Glory Guards, With Solemn Round, The Bivouac Of The Dead.
  506. On Him And O His High Endeavor The Light Of Praise Shall Shine Forever.
  507. On Marble We Engrave Thy Name, Thy Memory On Our Hearts.
  508. Once Upon A Time We Had A Little Pumpkin! Now She Is A Little Angel.
  509. One God, One Law One Element, And One Far-Off Divine Event, To Which The Whole Creation Moves.
  510. One Is Nearer God’s Heart In A Garden Than Anywhere Else On Earth.
  511. Onward To Thy Glory! Tis Always Morning Somewhere In The World.
  512. Our Baby Is In Heaven.
  513. Our Hope Is In God.
  514. Our Little Angel.
  515. Our Little One Has Gone Home To Be An Angel A Chosen Bud In The Master’s Bouquet.
  516. Our Littlest Angel Who Went Back To Heaven.
  517. Our Lives Are Better Today, Because We Knew Them Yesterday.
  518. Our Love Goes With You And Our Souls Wait To Join You.
  519. Our Love Is Forever.
  520. Our Loved One Sleeps Here.
  521. Our Loved One.
  522. Our Souls Have Sight Of That Immortal Sea, Which Brought Us Hither.
  523. Our Time Is A Very Shadow That Passeth Away.
  524. Our Trust Is In God.
  525. Our Way Is Where God Knows And Love Knows Where:  We Are In Love’s Hand Today
  526. Ours For A Little While, With Jesus Forever.
  527. Out Of Sorrow God Speaks To Us Best So Live, That Sinking To Thy Life’s Last Sleep, Calm Thou May’st Smile, Whilst All Around Thee Weep.
  528. Out Of The Shadows Of Night The World Rolls Into Light; It Is Daybreak Everywhere.
  529. Pardon Me For Not Getting Up.
  530. Passive In His Holy Will Trust I In My Master Still.
  531. Peace Be With God.
  532. Peace Is Thine And Sweet Rememberance Is Ours.
  533. Peace Is When Time Doesn’t Matter As It Passes By.
  534. Peace To The Mighty Dead.
  535. Peace, Perfect Peace.
  536. Pray For One Another, That You May Be Saved. (James 5:16)
  537. Precious Are The Memories Of Him.
  538. Precious Memories Of A Little Angel.
  539. Rare Understanding And Of Generous Heart.
  540. Remembered With Love.
  541. Remembering A Tiny Angel.
  542. Rest In Peace.
  543. Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours.
  544. Rest O Weary Traveler, For With The Dawn Cometh Great Joy.
  545. Resting Peacefully With Jesus In That Beautiful Home Above.
  546. Resting Where No Shadows Fall.
  547. Resting With Those She Loved.
  548. Sacred Are The Memories.
  549. Sacred Is The Memory Of (Name).
  550. Sadness Is A Wall Between Two Gardens.
  551. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus.
  552. Safe In The Hallowed Quiets Of The Past.
  553. Savior Of The World, Have Mercy On Us. May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them, Our Help Is In The Name Of The Lord. May The Angels Lead Thee Into Paradise.
  554. Say Not Good-Night, But In Some Brighter Clime, Bid Me Good Morning.
  555. Send Forth Thy Light And Thy Truth; They Have Conducted Me And Brought Me Unto Thy Holy Hill And Into Thy Tabernacles.
  556. Servant Of God, Well Done; Well Hast Thou Fought The Better Fight.
  557. Shadow The Sun-How Great The Sun, How Small The Shade.
  558. She Built A Monument Of Love In Their Hearts.
  559. She Gave Her Heart To Her Family.
  560. She Had A Kindly Word For Each And She Died Beloved By All.
  561. She Is At Rest In Heaven.
  562. She Lived Justly, Loved Mercy, And Walked Humbly With Her God.
  563. She Lives With Us In Memory Still, And Will Forevermore.
  564. She Looked On The Loveliness Of The World And Yet Shared Its Sorrows.
  565. She Loved And Was Loved.
  566. She Loved Everyone.
  567. She Loved People And Laughter.
  568. She Passed Through Glory’s Morning Gate And Walked In Paradise.
  569. She Shared Our Joys, And Cheered When Sad, The Greatest Friend We Ever Had.
  570. She Walked In Beauty.
  571. She Would Rather Give Than Receive.
  572. She/He Gave Her/His Heart To Her/His Family
  573. Ships That Pass In The Night So On The Ocean Of Life We Pass Then Darkness Again And Silence.
  574. Show Us, Oh Lord, Thy Mercy And Grant Us Thy Salvation.
  575. Since I Am So Quickly Done For, I Wonder What I Was Begun For.
  576. Since I No Longer Can See Your Face, Nor Shake You By The Hand, I Send My Soul Through Time And Space, To Greet You, You Will Understand.
  577. Sing The Lovers’ Litany “Love Like Ours Can Never Die”
  578. Sleep My Little One, Sleep.
  579. Sleep My Love And Peace Attend Thee.
  580. Sleep On Now, And Take Your Rest. (Matthew 26:45) 
  581. Sleep Peacefully.
  582. Sleep The Sleep That Knows Not Breaking, Morn Of Toil, Nor Night Of Waking.
  583. Sleep Undisturbed Within The Peaceful Shrine Till Angels Wake Thee With A Note Like Thine.
  584. Sleep Without Fear Angels Are Near.
  585. Sleep, Holy Spirit, Blessed Soul, While The Stars Burn, The Moons Increase, And The Great Ages Onward Roll.
  586. So Little, Yet So Loved.
  587. So Live, That Sinking To Thy Life’s Last Sleep, Calm Thou May’st Smile, Whilst All Around Thee Weep.
  588. So Prone Was He To Find Some Good In All Mankind, So Quick To Stop And Heed The Cry Of Those In Need, That Heaven With Love Abrim Did Not Seem Strange To Him.
  589. So Shuts The Marigold Her Leaves At The Departure Of The Sun.
  590. So Small, So Sweet, So Soon.
  591. Someone Who Has Given Me The Best There Is In Life; The One I Loved With All My Heart, My Sweetheart And My Wife.
  592. Somewhere My Love.
  593. Sorrow And Sighing Shall Flee Away. (Isaiah 35:10)
  594. Sorrow More Closely Ties Our Love.
  595. Sorrows Are Like Tall Angels With Star-Crowns In Their Hair.
  596. Step Softly A Dream Lies Buried Here.
  597. Still The Race Of Hero Spirits Pass The Lamp From Hand To Hand.
  598. Strength Is Born In The Deep Silence Of Long-Suffering Hearts, Not Amid Joy. 
  599. Strew Gladness On The Paths Of Men-You Will Not Pass This Way Again.
  600. Strike, Thou The Master, We Thy Keys The Anthem Of The Destinies.
  601. Such Graves As His Are Pilgrim Shrines, Shrines To No Code Or Creed Confined. .
  602. Sunshine And Rain At Once; Her Smiles And Tears.
  603. Sweet As A Rose.
  604. Sweet By Thy Sleep.
  605. Sweet In Her Ways.
  606. Sweet Is The Calm Of Paradise Blest.
  607. Sweet Of Countenance Devout Of Faith.
  608. Sweet Rest Be Thine.
  609. Take Me Then, O Lord, I Pray Into Thine Arm Unto My Rest.
  610. Take Them, O Great Eternity!  Our Little Life Is But A Gust That Bends The Branches Of Thy Tree And Trails Its Blossoms In The Dust!
  611. Teach Us To Number Our Days And Recognize How Few They Are; Help Us To Spend Them As We Should.
  612. Tears Are Often A Telescope By Which Men See Far Into Heaven.
  613. Thanks Be To God Who Has Given Us The Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  614. That He May Rest From His Labors And His Works Do Follow Him.
  615. That The Sky Is Brighter Than The Earth Means Little Unless The Earth Is Appreciated And Enjoyed.
  616. The Acts Of This Life Are The Destiny Of The Next.
  617. The Angel Of Death Is The Invisible Angel Of Life.
  618. The Angels Singing Unto One Another, Can Find Among Their Burning Terms Of Love, None So Devotional As That Of “Mother”
  619. The Best Of What We Do And Are, Just God Forgive!
  620. The Blessing Of The Lord, It Maketh Rich
  621. The Candle Of His Spirit Is Still Alight-That Lives May Yet Be Illuminated.
  622. The Cross Hath Lifted Up My Head To Peace.
  623. The Cross That Leads Generations On.
  624. The Curfew Tolls The Knell Of Parting Day.
  625. The Curtain Of Night Is Drawn Aside And Truth Emerges.
  626. The Dutifulness Of Children Is The Foundation Of All Virtue.
  627. The Earth’s Last Picture Is Painted And The Tubes Are Twisted And Dried.
  628. The End And The Reward Of Toil Is Rest.
  629. The Fairest Flower In All God’s Garden.
  630. The Fairest Garden In Her Looks And In Her Mind The Wisest Books.
  631. The First Emotion Of Pain He Ever Caused Was Caused By His Departure.
  632. The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams. 
  633. The Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, And The Charity Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All.
  634. The Greatest Attribute Of Heaven Is Mercy.
  635. The Greatest Thing In This World Is Not So Much Where We Are, But In What Direction We Are Moving.
  636. The Happiness Of Others Was Her Joy.
  637. The Heart Of Him Who Truly Loves Is A Paradise On Earth; He Has God In Himself, For God Is Love.
  638. The Heart Of Man Is Restless Until It Finds Its Rest In Thee.
  639. The Heart That Has Truly Loved Never Forgets.
  640. The Hour-Glass Of Time Turns Over And Pours Out The Sands Of Hope.
  641. The Hours Part Us But They Bring Us Together Again.
  642. The Kindness Of A Beautiful Life, Well Lived From Start To Close, Lives On In Cherished Memory.
  643. The Kiss Of The Sun For Pardon, The Song Of The Birds For Mirth, One’s Nearer God’s Heart In A Garden, Than Anywhere Else On Earth. 
  644. The Life Of The Dead Is Placed In The Memory Of The Living.
  645. The Life Spark Existed Before Birth And Death Does Not Extinguish It.
  646. The Little Of Earthly Life Returns To The Eternal Harmony Of The Infinite All.
  647. The Longest Lives Who Most To Others Gives.
  648. The Lord Behold And Judge Between Us, When We Are Absent One From Another.
  649. The Lord Gave, And The Lord Hath Taken Away; Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord. (Job 1:21)
  650. The Lord Has Touched Them.
  651. The Lord Hath Given Him Rest From All His Enemies. (II Samuel 7:1) 
  652. The Lord Hath Given Him Rest From All His Enemies. (I  Samuel 7:1)
  653. The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want. (23rd Psalm) 
  654. The Lord Is Thy Keeper.
  655. The Lord Redeemeth The Soul Of His Servants.
  656. The Lord Watch Between Me And Thee, While We Are Absent, One From The Other. (Gen. 31:49) 
  657. The Loveliest Rainbow Is In Our Vision Rather Than In The Sky.
  658. The Memory Of Every Unselfish Act Is Now A Perfumed Rose.
  659. The Memory Of The Past Will Stay And Half Our Joys Renew.
  660. The Morning Shall Awaken, The Shadows Flee Away.
  661. The Night Is Long That Never Finds The Day.
  662. The Ones We Love Are Never Gone.  They Live Within Our Hearts And Our Memories We Will Have Forever.
  663. The Path Of Sorrow, And That Path Alone, Leads To The Land Where Sorrow Is Unknown.
  664. The Peace Of God, Which Passeth All Understanding.
  665. The Purest Affection The Heart Can Hold Is The Honest Love Of A Nine Year Old.
  666. The Record Shows I Took The Blows, I Faced It All And I Stood Tall, I Did It My Way.
  667. The Righteous Shall Go Into Life Eternal. (Matthew 25:46)
  668. The Saddened Hearts Were Healed In Knowing The Pain Of Life Is Over And The Beauty Of The Soul Revealed.
  669. The Sea Is As Deep In A Calm As In A Storm.
  670. The Shining Light, That Shineth More And More Unto The Perfect Day. (Prov 4:18)
  671. The Soul Immortal Wings Its Flight To Never-Setting Day.
  672. The Soul That Suffers Is Stronger Than The Soul That Rejoices.
  673. The Spirit Lives In The Shelter Of God’s Love And Mercy.
  674. The Spirit Shall Return Unto God Who Gave It (Ecc.12:7)
  675. The Starry Tree Eternity Put Forth The Blossom Time.
  676. The Task Accomplished, The Long Day Done.
  677. The Time God Allots To Each Of Us Is Like Precious Linen Which We Embroider As Best We Know How.
  678. The Twilight Gates Are Open Wide, Within Lies Eternal Peace.
  679. The Unity That Binds Us All Together That Makes This Earth A Family And All Men Brothers.
  680. The World Is A Divine Dream, From Which We May Presently Awake To The Glories And The Certainties Of Day.
  681. The World Is Now A Better Place Because He Walked This Way.
  682. The World’s A Theatre, The Earth A Stage Which God And Nature Do With Actors Fill.
  683. Their Love Will Last An Eternity.
  684. Their Memory Be As A Dwelling Place For All Sweet Sounds And Harmonies.
  685. Them That Love God.
  686. Then Dawns The Invisible; The Unseen Its Truth Reveals.
  687. Then Shall The Dust Return To The Earth As It Was; And The Spirit Shall Return Unto God Who Gave It.  (Ecc 12:7)
  688. Then Shall The Righteous Shine Forth As The Sun In The Kingdom Of Their Father. (Matt 13:43)
  689. Then The Just Will Shine Forth.
  690. There Are Blossoms Of Gladness Neath The Winters Snow.
  691. There Are No Barriers That Love Cannot Conquer.
  692. There Are No Partings In Heaven.
  693. There Are Three That Bear Witness In Heaven, The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit: And These Three Are One.
  694. There Hath Passed Away A Glory From Earth.
  695. There Is A Garden In Her Face Where Roses And Lilacs Blow.
  696. There Is A Sweet Job That Comes To Us Through Sorrow.
  697. There Is Land Of Pure Delight, Where Saints Immortal Reign; Infinite Day Excludes The Night, And Pleasures Banish Pain. (Watts)
  698. There Is No Death!  The Stars Go Down To Rise Upon Some Other Shore, And Bright In Heaven’s Crown, They Shine Forever More.
  699. There Never Was Night That Had No Morn.
  700. There The Weary Be At Rest.
  701. There The Wicked Cease From Troubling And The Weary Be At Rest. (Job 3:17)
  702. There Was A Friendly Warmth About You, A Faith In The Fondness Of Human Kind.
  703. They Are Not Dead; Life’s Flag Is Never Furled: They Passed From World To World.
  704. They Are Not Dead; They Have But Passed Beyond The Mists That Blind Us Here Into The New And Larger Life Of That Serener Sphere. 
  705. They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow Time Cannot Steal The Treasures That We Carry In Our Hearts.
  706. They Gave Us Love And That Love Continues To Grow.
  707. They Serve God Well Who Serve His Creatures.
  708. They Shall Not Grow Old As We That Are Left Grow Old.
  709. They Were Lovely And Amiable In Their Life And Were Not Parted In Their Death
  710. They Who Forgive Most, Shall Be Most Forgiven.
  711. They Who Have Done Good Shall Come Forth Unto Resurrection Of Life. (John 15:13)
  712. Things Past Belong To Memory Alone, Things Future Are The Property Of Hope.
  713. This Is But A Covered Bridge Leading From Light To Light, Through A Brief Darkness.
  714. This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased. (Matthew 3:17) 
  715. This Is Over My Head.
  716. This Is The Promise . . . Life Everlasting. (1st John 2:2) 
  717. This Is The Promise He Hath Promised Us Even Eternal Life. (I John 2:25)
  718. This Is The Promise...The Life Everlasting.
  719. This Is The Victory That Overcomes The World-Our Faith.
  720. This Isn’t Death-It’s Glory.
  721. Those We Love Remain With Us For Love Itself Lives On.
  722. Thou Soul Of My Soul! I Shall Clasp Thee Again, And With God Be The Rest!
  723. Thou Straggler Into Loving Arms Young Climber-Up Of Knees.
  724. Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Will Fear No Evil. (23rd Psalm)
  725. Though Life’s Valley Be A Vale Of Tears A Brighter Scene Beyond That Vale Appears.
  726. Though Lost To Sight, To Memory Dear.
  727. Thy Cross Is My Crown.
  728. Thy Faith Has Saved Thee.
  729. Thy Remembrance Shall Endure Unto All Generations. (102nd Psalm)
  730. Thy Trials Ended, Thy Rest Is Won.
  731. Thy Will Be Done.
  732. Til Memory Fades & Life Departs, You Will Live Forever In Our Hearts.
  733. Til Spring Comes Back With Rustling Shade And Roses Fill The Air.
  734. Til The Day Break.
  735. Til The Master Of All Good Workmen Shall Set Us To Work Anew. (Kipling)
  736. Til The Sun Grows Cold, And The Stars Are Old, And The Leaves Of The Judgment Book Unfold.
  737. Til Time Shall Every Grief Remove With Life, With Memory And With Love.
  738. Til We Shall Meet And Never Part.
  739. Till Shadows Vanish In The Light Of Light.
  740. Till The Master Of All Good Workmen Shall Set Us To Work Anew
  741. Till The Sun Grows Cold, And The Stars Are Old, And The Leaves Of The Judgment Book Unfold.
  742. Till Time Shall Every Grief Remove With Life, With Memory And With Love.
  743. Till We Shall Meet And Never Part.
  744. Time Cannot Steal The Treasures That We Carry In Our Hearts.
  745. Tis Always Morning Somewhere, And Above.
  746. Tis Not The Whole Of Life To Live, Nor All Of Death To Die.
  747. Tis Sweet, As Year By Year We Lose Friends Out Of Sight, In Faith To Muse How Grows In Paradise Our Store.
  748. To Be A Child Is To Know The Fun Of Living, To Have A Child Is To Know The Beauty Of Life
  749. To Each There Comes A Time Of Beautiful And Lasting Peace.
  750. To Forget Is Vain Endeavor, Love’s Rememberance Lasts Forever.
  751. To Know Her Was To Love Her.
  752. To Know Him Was An Honor He Was Loved By Many, But Loved Many More.
  753. To Know, To Esteem, To Love And Then To Part, Makes Up Life’s Tale To Many A Feeling Heart.
  754. To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die.
  755. To Live In The Hearts Of Others Is Not To Die.
  756. To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die.
  757. To Live In The Hearts We Leave.
  758. To Live Is To Go On A Journey, To Die Is To Come Back Home.
  759. To Live With Him And Sing In Endless Morn Of Light.
  760. To Love Is To Place Our Happiness In The Happiness Of Another.
  761. To Love That Well Which We Must Leave Ere Long, Makes Our Love Ever More Strong.
  762. To Those Who Knew And Loved Him His Memory Will Never Grow Old.
  763. Tones I Loved Fall On My Heart As Dew Upon The Withered Rose-Leaf.
  764. Too Good For Earth God Called Her Home.
  765. Too Well Loved To Be Forgotten.
  766. Treasured By Us Is The Memory Of Your Unselfish Love.
  767. Until The Curtain Of Night Is Pinned Back By The Stars.
  768. Until The Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away. (Cant. 2:1) 
  769. Until We Meet Again, To Part No More.
  770. Unto You Is Paradise Opened.
  771. Upon The Silent Shore Of Memory, Images And Precious Thoughts That Shall Not Die, And Cannot Be Destroyed.
  772. Wait On The Lord, Be Of Good Courage And He Shall Strengthen Thine Heart. (Ps 27:14)
  773. Warm Summer Sun Shine Kindly Here; Warm Southern Wind Blow Softly Here Green Sod Above Lie Light, Lie Light Goodnight, Dear Heart, Goodnight, Goodnight.
  774. We Are Born, We Suffer, We Love, We Die, But The Waves Continue To Beat Upon The Rocks; The Seed Time And The  Harvest Come And Go, But The Earth Remains.
  775. We Have Loved You In Life. Let Us Not Forget You In Death.
  776. We Hear From The Misty Troubled Shore The Voice Of The Children Gone Before, Drawing The Soul To Its Anchorage.
  777. We Know That All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God.
  778. We Know That All Things Work Together For Good To What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever.
  779. We Lived Together In Happiness, We Rest Together In Peace.
  780. We Love You Always.
  781. We Love; We Grieve; We Wait; We Hope.
  782. We Shall Meet Again Who Have Loved Each Other.
  783. We Walk By Faith And Not By Sight.
  784. We Will Love You Always.
  785. We Worked Together In Happiness, Now We Rest Together In Peace.
  786. Weep Not For Him Who Departs From Life, For There Is No Suffering Beyond Death For Those Who Love Jesus.
  787. Weeping May Endure For A Night, But Joy Cometh In The Morning.
  788. Well Done, Thou Good And Faithful Servant. (Matthew 25:21) 
  789. Were Ever He Met A Stranger, There He Left A Friend.
  790. What Seem To Us But Dim Funeral Tapers May Be Heaven’s Distant Lamps. (Longfellow) 
  791. What The Heart Has Owned, It Shall Never Lose.
  792. What We Are Is God’s Gift To Us.  What We Become Is Our Gift To God.
  793. What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever.
  794. What Would The World Be To Us If The Children Were No More?
  795. Whatever Makes An Impression On The Heart Seems Lovely In The Eye.
  796. When Christ Ascended Triumphantly, From Star To Star, He Left The Gates Of Heaven Ajar.
  797. When She Had Passed, It Seemed Like The Ceasing Of Exquisite Music.
  798. Where Faith Is… There Is No Loss Where Love Is…There Is No Separation.
  799. Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go. 
  800. Where Is The Heart That Doth Not Keep, Within Its Inmost Core, Some Fond Remembrance Hidden Deep, Of Days That Are No More.
  801. Where Our Sorrows And Our Trials Like A Dream Will Pass Away And Our Souls Shall Dwell Forever In The Realms Of Endless Day.
  802. Where There Is Great Love There Are Always Miracles.
  803. Where There Is Much Light, The Shadows Are Deepest.
  804. Where There Is Sorrow There Is Holy Ground.
  805. While Memory Watches O’er The Sad Review Of Joys That Faded Like The Morning Dew.
  806. While We Have Time, Let Us Do Good.
  807. Who Knows But O Their Sleep May Rise Such Light As Never Heaven Let Through To Lighten Earth From Paradise?
  808. Who Knows But On Their Sleep May Rise Such Light As Never Heaven Let Through To Lighten Earth From Paradise? 
  809. Whose Feet Have Trod The Path To God -“Not Lost, But Gone Before”
  810. Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Eternal Life. (John 3:15) 
  811. Wise In Counsel And In Deed.
  812. With All My Love.
  813. Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God.
  814. Without Thee What Is All The Morning’s Wealth.
  815. Without Thy Light What Light Remains In Me.
  816. Wonderful Was Your Love For Us.
  817. Yesternight The Sun Went Hence, And Yet Is Here Today.
  818. Yet In This Heart’s Most Sacred Place, Thou, Alone, Shall Dwell Forever.
  819. Yet Spirit Immortal The Tomb Cannot Bind Thee.
  820. Yet Thy Smile Be Lost To Sight To Our Memory Thou Art Dear.
  821. Yet To Each Loving Heart, How Near.
  822. You Graced Your Home With Goodness.
  823. Your Beautiful Spirit Lifted Up Our Hearts.
  824. Your Beloved Memory Enriches Our Lives.
  825. Your Devotion To Your Family Was Our Blessing.
  826. Your Gentle Sweet Nature Made You Beloved By All.
  827. Your Joy Was In Acts Of Loving Kindness.
  828. Your Life Devoted To The Happiness Of Others.
  829. Your Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose.
  830. Your Love Will Light My Way Your Memory Will Ever Be With Me.
  831. Your Love Will Never Be Forgotten.
  832. Your Loving Kindness And Fortitude Brightened My Days.
  833. Your Loving Kindness Is A Light To Guide Us.
  834. Your Loving Kindness Shall Be Our Everlasting Remembrance.
  835. Your Memory Is A Light To Guide Us.
  836. Your Memory Is Dear To Us.
  837. Your Memory Is Our Keepsake, With Which We’ll Never Part; God Has You In His Keeping, And We Have You In Our Hearts.
  838. Your Patient Courage Is A Beloved Memory.
  839. Your Tender Love And Understanding Will Remain With Us Forever.
  840. Your Trial Is Ended, Your Rest Is Won.
  841. Your Words Were Kindness, Your Deeds Were Love.
  842. Youth Fades; Love Droops; The Leaves Of Friendship Fall A Mother’s Secret Love Outlives Them All.