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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Long Should I Wait Before Purchasing a Memorial?
    This is completely up to you. Some people are ready to discuss their ideas sooner than others. The right time to begin creating a memorial is when you feel comfortable discussing your ideas and feel able to make a confident decision.

  • How Long Does it Take to Complete a Memorial?
    We have a full-service shop where all of our work is completed. Our standard delivery time on items typically held in stock is about four to six weeks. Specialty monuments and markers that are special ordered may take longer to complete. If you have a specific date by which you would like to have the monument set in the cemetery just let us know and we will do our very best to meet your needs.

  • What if I Live out of Town?
    We work with many customers who live out of town. Several customers select the monument they want through this website while others come to our office to select their memorial. We will communicate with you via phone, e-mail, or US mail, whichever you prefer. We will also send you a picture of your memorial once it has been placed in the cemetery. With Hearn Monument you are kept informed every step of the way.

  • What if I am Shipping my Monument Out of Town?
    We have shipped monuments as far west as Colorado and as far north as New Jersey. We can ship all over the U.S. We will work with memorialists and cemeteries all over the U.S. and we will assist you in shipping your memorial to one of their facilities or to the facility of your choice.

  • Some Monuments in the Cemetery Lean. Why is That?
    At Hearn Monument we use both a dry-pour and poured method for our foundations depending on the conditions and the customers request. We guarantee our installation methods and, should your monument ever settle or lean, we will correct it for you at no additional charge.

  • How do I Know I am Making the Correct Decision in Purchasing Our Monument?
    Purchasing a memorial for your loved one is a major purchase and should be well thought-out with great consideration. Our staff is pleasant, caring, and willing to help guide you through the process of designing the perfect memorial for your loved one. You will be provided drawings of your memorial and given an opportunity to make any changes before any work is approved and completed.

  • My Loved One Was Cremated. Can I Still Place a Monument in the Cemetery?
    The answer is yes. We carry a variety of cremation products that may be errected in the cemetery or any other place you have designated for your loved one.

  • What are Some Common/Popular Epitaphs used on Memorials?
    Please see the library of Epitaphs on this site. You are in no way limited to these Epitaphs.